Privacy Tints

Gaining privacy whilst still enjoying your view

These films are the perfect way to gain privacy in your home, whilst still allowing you to see out without limiting your view.

These films have become popular in housing estates, town houses and high-density living, they can be used to create privacy but still be low intrusive.

Our privacy films are available in many colours including black, grey, silver and bronze. These films offer outstanding daytime privacy and have the bonus of heat and UV rejection while also reducing unwanted glare.



At Australian Tinting we also have a large range of semi-transparent films, these decorative films are commonly seen on front entryways, they are great for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and night time privacy is needed.

Whiteout and blackout films are designed to create total privacy. Whether it's on a store or residential home, anytime there is a need to totally block the view inside or out, we have a film that will do the job. These films are often used on storage facilities, counter tops and garage windows.


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Tinting Tips

Darkness of Products: Don’t be sold a product with performance standards that would better suit an industrial building than your family home. We understand our products and carefully help you select a suitable product that won’t make your home extremely dark and uncomfortable, some films can allow only 5% of light into your home.  Ask what is the Visible Light Transmition (VLT).

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