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Tinted Safety and Security Films

Glass breakage caused by accidents in the home and work place can be very dangerous as flying glass can turn lethal. Safety and Security films are designed to hold shards of fragmented glass together. These films provide an economical and effective means of significantly reduce the risk of injury in the event of glass breakage.

Our Safety films will bring old glass up to current Australian standard AS/NZ2208, and improves protection from glass in your home or workplaces.

These films are especially helpful when childproofing your home, Safety and Security films also create a barrier against intrusion with increased resistance to penetration and tearing.

  • Added protection for personal safety and valuables
  • Deter smash and grab robberies
  • Reduces the chance of serious injury from flying glass
  • UV Protection blocks up to 99% of UV rays protecting you from harmful rays and reduces fading to your furniture
  • Available in clear and tinted

Tinted Safety and Security films offer the same glass breakage protection as clear films, but include the additional benefits such as blocking unwanted glare and reducing heat gain.

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Tinting Tips

Cheapest Price: Many window film installers may offer the cheapest price, and it might seem okay at the time. But beware sometime later it may not look as good, or it wont perform as they say it would, this can even happen right from the beginning and is a common occurrence in the window tinting industry. We are so confidant that you’re purchased film will last many years and provide you with comfort, energy savings and protection that it comes with a 100% Manufactures satisfaction guarantee.

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